Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daily Glimpse #2

Ah Ha! You thought I forgot, didn't you?! I did not...I am slacking off and taking a break from doing my textbook lesson and giving ya'll another glimpse into my life and times. And man, is it exciting!

There are a few small details I must point out.

1. Coffee. in my new purple leak-proof travel mug! A morning Necessity.

2. Water. working on that healthy thing
3. See that small yellow innocuous looking thing by my hand? That, my friends is a phone pry tool. Evil little thing, because it makes it easy to pry (they were smart with the naming bit!) parts off of cell phones. This is often a good thing, but in my hands gets out of control quickly. Never, I repeat never, let me near your phone with one of these innocent looking items. Unless, of course, your phone is broken anyway and I'm your last, very last, chance at making it work.

4. See the computer screen? On there is a list of names. This list grows EVERY DAY. This is a good thing, because it means we are selling phones. But one of my jobs (see the phone to my ear? I am in the middle of said job) is to call these people at various times in their cell phone ownership and inquire about their happiness with our product. Overall, not a stressful job, as they aren't often rude (since I am not selling anything), but can get tedious.

5. Other Important Daily Tools-
Wireless mouse, Oh! How I love thee!! Until your batteries die...
Stapler! what an awesome invention.
Scissors...fairly self explanatory in their usefulness, I would think.
Yellow box at left edge of counter- new 8400 phone that was sold shortly after pic was taken. Out because we have no fake phone to show people, and it's a really cool phone.
Pens. Multiple. Oh, the sad fate of lost pens...where art thou?! (and bring back all those post its I know are with you.)
POST-ITS! Again...POST-ITS!! There is a God. and on the ninth day, she created post-its. and it was Good.

(post its looks very funny written out, and sounds funny after being said a few times. funny funny language we speak. lang-goo-widge.)

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mom said...

LOVE the Daily glimpses!! But then I am biased. Keep 'em coming! Like my blog friend Alex says:

"there are NO ordinary moments"