Saturday, October 28, 2006

better post later, maybe?

hello! for some reason I am in a blogging slump. so busy, but doing what?!

Went to a party at Kaia's preschool last night, dressed up as you can tell from the picture. Will look a bit different on Halloween itself, will post then too. My costume was a hit, especially the ears. Kaia had fun with her costume too, though the mask is a bit frustrating for her. She was also a bit cranky, and sugar didn't help. Overall it was a good night though.

my tooth is worse today, and really want to get laundry and other cleaning done, so can't take vicodin. for some insane reason I took some last night again, and once again had enormous trouble sleeping. it's so odd, I'll get really tired, but my mind will just be racing. got up at 2 am and made myself a peanut butter english muffin, so hungyr, but can't eat much! I'll be glad when this is fixed.

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