Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I sure do love you guys!

This -


is for the following people....in no particular order, except the first is intentionally Tania, cause she sent it to me (love ya, girl), and the love to each is in no way diminished because of the number of names....

Tania, Simon, Kathy, Mike, Bree, Mike, Kaia, Mom, Dad, Katie, Mick, Jason, Carol, Mike, Gem, Chris, Jeff, John, Andrea, Katia, Liam, Katrina, Jette, Dennis, Shane, Leah, Ally, Mathew, Bill, Shaun, Ariel, Alicia, Steve, Maya, Steve, Linda, Jennavieve, Jennilyn, Jada, Kendrick.....is that everyone? hope so....

oh...and a few people who will never see this...but sending out the love anyway
( I guess some of the above people won't see it either, but all of them I still am in contact with.)

Abe, Tisha, Barbara

and my Gaffer.

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