Monday, October 30, 2006

is it bedtime YET!?

okay. so this is what my day has been like. and, unfortunately for you, this would be WAY more entertaining if you could HEAR me, because I sound like a duck who has inhaled helium. Not really sure why, other than apparently the stuff the dentist gave me that isn't novocain (which doesn't work on me) does something strange to my voice. My mother was highly amused when I spoke to her on the phone, and Mike can't stop grinning when I talk to him.

I went in for my root canal, never fun, and had first some slightly happy news, then some not at all happy news. First, my dentist's office now gives complimentary parafin wax hand dips. very fun. if you don't know what that is, ask some female that you know gets manicures. They also give you head phones to listen to music.

however, my nerves are not only highly resistant to novocain, they are also resistant to the new stuff that works really well on top, but not so much on bottom. After many pokes, my mouth was numb enough for him to go to work. BUT my teeth are ALSO stubborn sons of bitches and my root canal passage or some such is too narrow for the drill and I need to go to a specialist for my root canal, at which time they might not be able to do it either. THEN guess what happiness occurs?! I forget the full terminology, but it ends in "-ectomy" which is never a good thing. they basically go in from the side, PEELING back your gum, and fix the tooth from BELOW. please pray for me that the root canal works.

The ardocain is starting to wear off, but I still can't talk right. Gonna take Kaia to swimming, then come home and make dinner. Mike has an EMA get together to go to.

CRAP. just missed a call from Kaia's girl scout leader...TOTALLY forgot girl scouts is....F#*K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forgot I told the school she'd be going every Monday, so she DID go to girl scouts, then I forgot to pick her up at 4:30!!!!!!!!!!!! So Jennifer, the leader, took her home, then called me. my god. I am the WORST mother, I swear! She just got back, went out to meet her. She was fine, thank the gods, didn't even realize anything was wrong.

aside from the parafin wrap, bad day all around. no gold stars for me. in fact, take some away! sheesh.....and it's not over yet, still have to go to swimming, let's see if I can manage not to lose my only child again....


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