Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So every so often, I decide I am going to start actually planning our dinners, so I will cook actual dinners with sides more often. Usually this starts and ends with me gathering all my cookbooks and deciding on 10-20 recipes that I want to try, writing down all the ingredients I'll need, then become overwhelmed and forget about it.

This time, I sat down and planned FIVE recipes, for Monday through Friday. I wrote down only the ingredients I needed for those five, and planned which day I wanted to have which recipe.

We are on day Two. This is AWESOME. such yummy food too. Tonight it's Curried Chicken & Corn Chowder.

Gonna do this every week, one week at a time!

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mom said...

Are the recipes fairly easy, cause that is what sometimes discourages me, just the time involved in some. I guess if I stick with a few, and do not get overwhelmed with alot of new ones, then the new ones begin to 'put together' faster each time. That Curried Chicken and Corn chowder sounds great