Saturday, October 14, 2006

Daily Glimpse #4

Here Kaia and I are this morning....well, closer to noon actually, though we got up at 8:30. We are making chocolate chip pancakes! Wanna know the secret to divine chocolate chip pancakes?

use mini chocolate chips. yep. yum.

yes, we use bisquick. if you follow the "melt in your mouth" variation, they can't be beat. and add the mini chocolate chips, of course.

The white cup on the right is my coffee. see DG #2

The socks are a cold-weather morning must. They came off after 3 or 4 hours of cleaning. Check out Kaia's footwear. One flip flop and one ballet slipper!

I got my house SO nice today! Every single floor either vacuumed or mopped. got a pile of papers sorted I've been meaning to get to for weeks. Laundry is done and gets put away tomorrow.

I pumiced my toilet, then scrubbed it from top to bottom! yay me! For those of you who don't feel this is a note worthy occasion, and, in fact, do that frequently, don't come to my house. You are not welcome.

yet I look around my livingroom and there is clutter....must do something about that.

My uncle Mike and Aunt Carol might be coming for a visit tomorrow! I'm not sure, because she didn't respond to my email response to HER email about the I'm hoping that she got it, and they are coming. Kaia wants to ask her how to write her name in Chinese. And I want to visit of course.

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