Tuesday, October 24, 2006


this morning is not going well. not going horrible either, so I really shouldn't complain.

I am wearing all grey. this is unintentional. I was trying to find a new shirt when I realized I was late for the parent teacher conference with Kaia's teachers. I am even wearing a grey bracelet...well, hematite...so silver-y grey-ish. it's grey.

grey pants. grey shirt. grey coat. grey bracelet. oooo! black shoes!

i FEEL grey.

forgot my coffee too.

oh, and it turns out, school-wise--my daughter is about average. need to actually turn in homework (yes, I know). She's reading and comprehending at an average level, though she is in one of the top reading groups. She needs to work on writing during writing, and not drawing during writing. She is social and friendly. She is "vibrant".

I can still think my daughter is above average, right?

I feel grey.

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mom said...

I remember you used to do the homework, but not turn it in for credit! Like, HEY! you did the work, get the credit! Hello!

Your self-esteem suffered as a result, and it was so needless, as you had done well, but the teacher didn't know it, so you believed you failed.....!?! when I figured it out it was not too hard to turn around.