Sunday, November 12, 2006


Hello All. Will post a picture or two, but not right now. too lazy to even make sad is that? I really need to though, as I do have cleaning to do.

Spent Friday night at Andrea's, had a great time. Got to meet her friend Laura, who I've heard a lot about, but have never met. She's very nice.

All three kids got along really well. There were a few disputes of course, but over all, it seems to be getting smoother.

We made lamb loaf, a recipe Andrea found. It was quite tasty!

It is flippin' freezing here! I don't think our thermostat is quite right either. We tried to turn it up last night and nothing happened.

Daniel and Erin came over last night. We watched some episodes of an anime we've been watching.

Really not overly interesting today.

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mom said...

take that thermostat problem straight to the landlord, asap.. easy to fix.