Monday, November 06, 2006

Daily Glimpse #10

This outfit must be explained to fully appreciate it. First, you have her wearing MY knee high socks, which on her go all the way up her legs with sock to spare. Then she has on a really disturbing (in my opinion, but I guess normal) pair of pants. Over those, her black velvet shorts. On top, she has on two shirts, one long sleeved for the cold weather, then her preferred shirt, her pink one with sequins.

This is my daughter, people. Isn't she just AWESOME!?! I think so, too.


mom said...

I can hear you saying "of course" but I have to ask.....did she go to school like that?

Carol said...

She is a darling. I'd like to see her wearing this (or something like this) next time we meet. I'll try something like this myself, too.