Thursday, November 30, 2006

Daily Glimpse #18

This is actually from last night, sorry.
Mike and Kaia went sledding after school, even though it was ONE DEGREE outside. They didn't stay out there for long.
First they went out back, where there is a hill....leading right up to the house. I am in the kitchen, when I hear a big THUMP on the back door. I open it to see Mike and Kaia on the sled at the back door laughing hysterically. They moved to out front where there is a longer hill that doesn't have a house at the bottom. Has a fence, but that's ok.

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mom said...

Hi! left a long comment a few hours ago, but it couldn't print it due to some 'google error'--not sure how that relates to your blog, but apparently it figures in there rather importantly!

Love this picture!! They are both so happy, and I feel so good to see what a great Daddy our little Kaia has--good job in the choice dept, Del! How fun! I so wish I could join y'all sledding!! maybe we can do some when I visit.....