Tuesday, November 21, 2006

santa isn't telling....

We do not make a big deal of the getting-of-the-presents holidays. ON Christamas, ON the birthday, yes, we have fun and enjoy the heck out of the day. But leading up TO the days, I don't usually mention them to Kaia much. Santa has been discussed briefly, but he's not iconified (is that a word?!).

Lately, I've been reading blogs of other mom's, and reading about their kids' cute conversations about presents, Santa Claus, and all other things Holly and Jolly. I did realize one of the reasons Kaia doesn't really talk about desired presents is our lack of TV. She isn't bombarded by the ads for this necessary toy or that must-have gift.

However, I didn't realize how little we discuss presents until the following conversation:

Me: Hey darlin, what do you want for Christmas?

Kaia (in a very know-it-all tone): Mo-om! We don't know what we are getting until the morning of Christmas!

Me: Oh! (how did this happen?!) umm...right.....(should I drop this and thank my lucky stars!?! but I honestly don't know what she wants!! crap....here goes....) IF you DID get to choose, what would you want for Christmas?

Kaia: Toys. and candy.

Me: riiiiiight.....but, specifically, WHICH toys? (I am crazy!)

Kaia: ........(realizing this is her chance)......ummmm...well, barbies, and more horses, and a house toy, and a princess toy, and candy. and more cars, and more horses.

yep. I should have stopped at we don't get to know......


mom said...

honey, YOU get to go out and look at all the toys and find one that is GOOD for her! All the stuff she might want is not necessarily good for her. This is you chance!

Like Gaffer used to say, the less 'defined' the toy is, the better toy it is!

Good luck... and have fun.....tip....go alone!

All of Us said...

we want a list of your favorite web logs.