Wednesday, November 15, 2006

feeling a bit lost tonight. Got a B on my last essay, and completely forgot to turn in an assignment. I think I might wait to take other classes until we move. Just to much going on right now. I need to be more "at work" while at work, and more with my family at home. When we move I won't be working so will be able to direct much more of my energy to school.

Turned in my rough draft for my last essay today.

Mike and Kathy and Bree will be here in a week! I'm really excited to have them come up, even though most of their time will be spent with Kathy's grandparents. That's okay, I understand, family is very important.

The situation at work is getting worse. We are down to one phone, and it's pink. I feel so bad for John. I so hope it gets resolved soon. I did a sales count, and I've actually already sold 22 phones this month. Not bad, though that will drastically decline now that we are literally down to one phone. Telling people we are out of phones is so pathetic! Welcome! Can't sell you anything, sorry! Also, one of my customers who had major things go wrong with his account was at swimming today, and apparently even more is going wrong. sigh. I did have a very nice guy come in today who was quite content to wait until we got phones to open his account. He was very smiley and understanding. I wanted to hug him.

Kaia had a hard time in swimming today. She just wasn't listening. The pool is cold and there are four other students in class, so I think anyone would be distracted, but she needs to pay attention! I'd love to someday get her private lessons, but at this age I don't think they are really necessary.

This morning, getting on her shoes, she matter of factly says:

"Mom, all my dreams are right here." She pats her right leg up and down. "My good dreams and bad dreams and just dreams." Then she pats her left leg up and down. "And all my feelings are right here. My happy feelings and sad feelings and mad feelings!"

Wish I knew where mine were kept! They just seem to sneak up on me.....

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mom said...

Gosh, honey, this sounds rough! I really feel for you. It is amazing to me that the company is so f--ked in its ability to help John succeed. It is almost like they want you to go out of business.
Dear Kaia. What a delight, keeping all her 'stuff' so well organized. I love you guys. Very much.