Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daily Glimpse #15

Came across this last night in my search for some serving utensils my grandparents gave me. This is me in 10th grade. Big glasses, braces, and big hair. Trust me when I say this was the best picture of all four years, funny as that may seem.

Strangely enough, I was also planning on writing today about a friend I met while in 10th grade. Jeff was in my graphics class. Neither of us had many friends. He hid his shyness with loud rudeness, and I hid mine with...well, I didn't. I was just quiet. But somehow we were friends anyway.

When I got sick we lost touch, and though I saw him a few times when I got back to school, we didn't hang out anymore. I saw him at graduation, when he introduced me to his fiance. I was with Abe from 10th grade on, but he went to another school.

Fast forward 10 years. (and it has gone by fast!) A few months ago, I'm sitting at work having a conversation with Lazer about MySpace, and how I don't have one. Won't get one either! He says it's a great way to keep in touch with friends. I say I don't have any friends on MySpace. He says "I bet you do!" Well, since I only have a few friends, and I know for a fact NONE of them do, I grin at him and start putting their names in the search. Sure enough, no one comes up. Then he says "I am sure you know someone with one."

Well, the night before, I had a dream that I was back in the halls of my high school. No one else was there, but then I came across Jeff. So we just walked through the empty halls talking. Great dream, though I don't remember what we talked about! So I decided to put his name in. And sure enough, up he pops. He has a MySpace! Then I look at the Created On date. It had only been made a few days before! He hadn't actually made it, his ex had. He didn't know about it. So through Lazer's space I send him an email, and about 2 weeks later, he sends me one!

Anyway, we've been talking ever since, and also had breakfast when I went down a few weeks ago. It's really great to be back in touch with him!

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