Thursday, November 16, 2006

Daily Glimpse #16

Ah yes, this picture says so much. John was so pleased with himself.
Had a wonderful salmon dinner, though it was a big late getting ready. And you know, I cannot WAIT until I have a nice clutter free dining room with a huge table that serves All.
Had training at work today. Now we'll at least be able to do activations, and the phones will be sent to the person the next day, as long as they activate before 4. Very nice. I actually like our rep, I was all ready to dislike her, since people I DO like have said she's horrible. But it went well, though apparently I was a bit aggressive in my expressing of my dislike of some of the policies we will have to follow. They make sense, but we've been so informal in a lot of our practices that it will take some time to get used to.
Feeling a bit better today, but NOT looking forward to doing all my dishes!
Andrea and I are going to do our birthday thing this weekend--yes, very late :-) We are not completely sure what we are going to do, but food and a movie seem likely. Possibly Stranger Than Fiction for the movie. Hope it's good!

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Carol said...

We just got a nice carpet form Ikea for our dinning room. ML lid the candle, rearranged the lighting, it's like a magic, the dinning room transformed into some.... very hard to describe... dream house. WE LOVE IT. I know I will miss my dinning room when I travel this time.

Yes, dinning room is important.