Saturday, November 04, 2006

blatherings while drunk--slightly

so hello! here I am, tipsy on one hornsby's..yes, I am a cheap date, folks.....very good thing to be really, when I don't want to feel beholden to some guy buying me drinks, so I have to buy my own...damn, I am having to fix too many typing errors..want to see what I type like, really? okay, I won't fix any of my erris...errors..shit, happeing arlreayd, thoug I' of this is the alcohol, folks, really, proivmie...that just did not work at ALL...the owrd..word...was supposed to be primive...prov....pROMIES...ishg...sigh...promise. there. typing very very slowyl made that work. i can acutally type really fast, but as you can see my accuracy is shit. there, that's vertter. better. or not.
I am also eating left over panfired noodles..pan fried. that it..that is. very good, one of my favirite favorite foods. almost done with this container. a little salty, this box is. i thin k i need another horsbsy..hornsby's.

okay, I am back to fixing my mistakes, that was just too confusing for me, so I KNOW it had to be confusing for you. would have started fixing them sooner, but forgot that I had made the decision to not fix them, so could make the decision TO fix them...yes, one hornsby's, folks, ONE. and I am reduced to this.

I would go to bed, but have just had sex, and unless I go to sleep RIGHT after, while still in that dreamy state, then I get WIDE awake (as wide awake as one can be while drinking) so here I am awake and drinking and eating and typing. probably should STEP AWAY from the computer and turn it off (that wouldnt' work, though, would it?!) but I have NO BOOK TO READ, which if you know me, that means I am at extreme loose ends and rather lost, really. how can I go to bed without a book? do people DO that? not read for some time before snoozing? sounds awefully boring to me.

would tell you deep dark secrets right now, if I had any to tell....but I don't. I pretty much tell everyone everything anyway.....well, mostly...but have had only ONE hornsby's, so still am a LITTLE bit clear. running out of things to say though.


Tinidian said...

Well, at least someones getting some! Drunk sex is the best sex anyways. I think it would be advisable to correct your tyoing errors. You are really gonna need to get your tolerance up at least a little so when we all party when I get back you can hand for more than one drink!!

P.S. are you glad I finally posted a comment??? hehe

mom said...

very very funny entry. Telling us about the sex was sort of a secret. Alot of info for mama to take in, anyway..... but you know how I feel about such things, and I have clobbered you with far worse, no doubt!

Have a funny story about the tree--I guess I will write it in me trusty bloggy.

Hornsby's, huh? I will have to get some. I ma a 'one' gal meself.

Carol said...

I love this entry, so alive, so real, so drunk :-)