Saturday, November 25, 2006

lame-ass update- more later

hello! I haven't posted in a few days, been busy!

Thanksgiving was awesome, spent it up at Andrea's. John did the turkey in a brown sugar brine, and it was SO TASTY! Much food was eaten, and good times were had by all. Then the tryptophan took effect and I took a nap.

Mike and Kathy and Bree got here, after an hour detour. We've been very much enjoying their company. I am so lucky to have the friends I do.

Right now, here is a breakdown of what's going on right now! I textual glimpse if you will.

Mike (the other one)- playing WoW and talking to people in the game.
Mike(mine)- reading and playing with Brianna.
Kathy- playing with Brianna and Mike.
Kaia- Playing a reading game online.
Me- obviously online and chatting with Jason.
Brianna- being entertained by Kathy and Mike.

We started watching Firefly last night. My Mike and I have seen it already, and are introducing it to Mike and Kathy. It's one of my favorite shows, and I curse the people who cancelled it.

alright. gonna get going, just wanted to let ya'all know I haven't forgotten aboutcha.

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mama said...

what fun it sounds like you are all having! I am happy right along with you.....
What is Firefly? I would love more info on that!
We will miss you all at dinner tonight for my 54th......truly.