Friday, September 28, 2007

Some news.....

Hi! Haven't posted lately, have I? and I know! Having a baby is NO excuse! ;-)

Anyway, I'm sure (mostly, kinda) that I will get around to posting about the birth and all that, but since that's too long to think about right now, I'll just move on temporarily (hopefully, maybe)

Ben is sleeping. FINALLY. sheesh. He's been eating for almost 4 hours. straight. I mean, he'll take a break between boobs, for five minutes or so, but then he once looks at me as if he's about to expire from lack of nourishment. His eating schedule (though I guess "schedule" is way to technical of a term for something not even a week into) has been erratic. On the first day, Monday, he wouldn't eat at all until about 8 at night.

It stressed me out, even though the nurses said it was fine, because Kaia was so EASY to feed. After I came out of the recovery room, I went down to the nursery, met my daughter, and she latched on. And her schedule didn't change much after that. 5 minutes, one side, every few hours (the time in between changed of course, as she got older).

After he finally ate Monday, he didn't figure it out again very easily either. It took until sometime Tuesday for him to finally get it mostly down. and sometimes he'll go 3 hours before being hungry again, sometimes 2 minutes. Last night he was up almost continuously until about 3, then he was up 3 times after that before we got up at 7. And again, this morning it's been almost continuous. Now, that's not to say he's been actually GETTING anything the whole time. Takes a bit to recover! But what's scary is that this is the time where he is supposedly getting my supply up to his needs, so that when my milk comes FULLY in (it's slowly getting there), he'll have the right amount for HIM. Which is apparently going to be about a gallon a day.

He is SO FREAKIN' SWEET though. He lifts his head, looking like a little turtle, and looks right at me. and he's such a cuddle bug!! I love it. I might not so much in a few months, but right now I do.

I got all teary and emotional last night. from hormones, I'm sure, but again different from Kaia (and no, I didn't expect it to be the same, but I didn't have anything else to compare to!) It's a harder recovery from the c-section this time too, for some reason. Still glad I did it, and SO glad I was awake, but I feel like such an invalid!

Kaia is thrilled Ben is home. She's being a HUGE help, and staying so positive and cheerful. I love my girl, so much!

Ben is zonked out on my chest, so I think I will try to sleep too, before he decides he's hungry again!

Mike found out he did not get the job he had interviewed for, but the company wants to bring him back for an interview with another team. I understand this happens, but we will both feel SO much better once he has a job lined up. Send happy positive thoughts his way!

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