Wednesday, September 05, 2007

but the PINK variety are still allowed, don't worry

two decisions, come about from the last two posts.

one-during the times she would normally be in tap class, for the one months we paid for and can't get back, Kaia will be doing chores.

two-simply saying

"some rules are just there, we may not understand them, but we have to follow them, just like people have to follow our rules in our house, even if they don't understand them."

is sometimes the only answer.

oh, and on that note, I have established a new house rule. there are NO blue pig socks allowed in my house. please note, and remove any such offending socks from thy luggage. NO BLUE PIG SOCKS! I find them inappropriate.


Andrea said...

I'm glad mine are pink...

Sorry you had such an, um, interesting? day. If you need a hand to hold on to, I'm here. :) But keep your germs to yourself. And *I* get to be the husband, no, the wife, no, you be the kid, no, I'll be the dragon, and I'm drowning, but then I can swim and I save the horse, but I set the boat on fire, and it was an accident, and then I'm dying... Hee hee.

Dana said...

Why don't you just ask the teacher to explain to you the reasoning behind the no hand-holding rule? I don't get that, either, since on every field trip I ever took kids (when I was working at a daycare) we instructed the kids to hold hands, so they'd stay together. Seems like a stupid rule to me.