Sunday, September 16, 2007

Conversing with a 6 year old

"Can I ask a question mom? About whether or not a word is a bad word?"
"Of course, hon, you can ask me anything."
"Is 'shit' a bad word?"
"Yes, it is...."
"Am I in trouble for saying it to ask you?"
"Of course not, you can ask Daddy and me anything, and we won't get mad when you are just asking for information."

"Alright, sweetie, here's your cereal...I'm going to try to sleep for a bit more, ok?"
"Okay! Want me to sing you a sleep song?"
"Go to sleep...go to sleep....good night...sleep well...go to sleep....go to sleep..." (repeat about 30 more times)
"thank you dear...that was nice...."
"I love you, mom"
"and I love you, dear one."

"Did you know that at the end of rainbows, there's a pot of gold?"
"That's just a story, sweetie, it's not real"
"The gold is fake?!"
"No......there is no pot of gold. It's actually impossible to FIND the end of the rainbow, it's an optical illusion."
"No, 'cause Brooklyn, at school, said SHE found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow once!"
"Well, it was either a pretty special rainbow, or she was making it up."
"No, she really did. She promised!"

In the bath together:
"I am going to wash baby brother, okay mom?"
"oh yes? how?"
she starts splashing my stomach.
"See? I want to wash his face, but don't know where it is, so I have to get your whole tummy wet."
"uh huh...."

"This bracelet baby brother can't play with cause he might choke...this (she holds up a plastic purse) he can't have because he might hide things in it so I can't find them....and this he can't have (she holds up another bracelet) because....can you guess why?"
"He would choke on it?"
"No!! He would....." and she sticks it up her nose.

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mom said...

They must have been very thorough in that hospital 'Siblings' class.......

I love it when you write these little interactions. Such a laugh!