Saturday, September 08, 2007

The fair!! and breakfast!! couldn't get better....

Yesterday evening we went to the county fair with Andrea and her family. Kaia LOVES fairs, and can't wait until she's tall enough to ignore all height restrictions. She is almost fearless when it comes to rides, and was highly put out when we vetoed the Paratrooper, as it went VERY fast, and none of the adults wanted to go on it! (we're old fuddy duddies!)

I, of course, couldn't go on ANY rides, because of Boy-o. I tried to sneak on to the carousel, but apparently they feel even that is to wild and crazy for us gestating ones. drat. I contemplated claiming I had a stomach tumor, and how dare they bring attention to it, and John recommended claiming I was stealing a basketball, but in the end I meekly admitted to being With Child, and was sternly turned away from the dangerous labor-inducing up and down motion of the pretend ponies.

Kaia and Liam took their first solo ferris wheel ride, and laughed the whole time. They continued to laugh uproariously on every ride they went on, except the little-kid whale ride, which they found too tame at their advanced ages of 6 and 5.

One of the favorite attractions was the saloon fun house, which featured large paintings of lewd women and foolishly grinning cowboys. Each time we walked by, the kids would take 3-4 tours, leaving us outside to listen to the loud BANG BANG BANG of the metal sidewalk part of it.

We did no games, usually I let Kaia do one, but I really didn't want to bring home any junk, and the expense was unnecessary, to say the least. I got her a bracelet for unlimited rides, and we ate "dinner" there. I swear, it's ridiculous that I'm allowed to eat carnie food, but the carousel is labelled "too risky". My favorite thing was the caramel apple slices, and I plan to make those frequently, now that I realize you can cut the apple up before covering in caramel, an ingenious idea!

We also watched a very small part of the rodeo, but the announcer and the clown were idiots and took up too much time gabbing, so we left soon, and went to the animal barns.

oh my!!! my wonderful man has just made us breakfast!! Going to enjoy more later!

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