Sunday, September 09, 2007

not trying to be depressing...truly

To my husband, if I die:

Be sure to tell our kids that if I could choose, I’d be there holding them tight, every day.
Tell them that they can talk to me, and though I can’t answer in words, my love answers them every time.
Print out my blog for them to read when they are older. In my Documents are older pages from my last blog.
Let them make their own decisions about who they want to be, and help their dreams come true, even if you don’t agree with those decisions.
Hug them EVERY DAY.
Keep laughter in their lives.
Teach them respect and love for all people, white, black, gay, straight, male, female, and all the others I don’t have room to write down.
Don’t let them put up with people who disrespect them.
Make sure they understand life isn’t fair, and it’s how we deal with that unfairness that counts.
Allow them time to cry.
Teach them that cash is a much smarter option than credit.
Tell them that they were my world, and I would have walked through fire to save them.
Don’t force them to read, instead help them discover a love of reading.
Always answer questions honestly, though geared toward their age.
Teach our son to put the toilet seat down.
Teach our daughter never to kick a boy in the balls-unless he’s being violent himself.
Print out doubles of all our photos and give each child a full set.


mom said...

Good entry, summing it up, making it clear, what counts.

Print out your blog ASAP!!!!! This should not wait. It is important, adn there needs to be a hard copy of it. I do mine every month or so.

Traveler said...

Mom, I don't understand, why boys should put the toilet seat down? Why can't the girls put the seat down when they need to use it, and the boys put the seat up when they need to use it?
Oh, I see, life is unfair :-))