Tuesday, September 18, 2007

do not read large print first. it's not true.

Yesterday on the way to swimming, Kaia and Katia were talking about it being one week until the baby comes. As I'm sure you know, weeks go by EXTREMELY slowly for children, and the constant "4 weeks left, 3 weeks left, 2 weeks left...." is starting to annoy Kaia to no end. Yesterday morning I had mentioned to Kaia that there is only ONE week left now before baby comes, and she was marginally excited. (She is still very excited about his coming, but not so much about the "FOREVER" it takes to have this promised boyo.)

So, anyway, back to car ride before swimming. Katia mentions that it's Monday. There is a pause, then Kaia beings to almost convulse in the back seat. She looks at me with a half desperately terrified, half desperately excited expression.


I think she was terrified we'd miss the event. It actually took awhile for her to believe me that I knew better, and the baby was NOT coming. She seems to have a blurred notion of how involved I will be for said arrival. :-)

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Traveler said...

Dear Della, I was flipping my weekly planner... then I saw my own note in the coming week "Della gives birth!" and my tears almost came out at the notion that you are going to go through the whole nine yard to give birth to this new baby. I send you my best wishes. I hope it goes smoothly for you on the 24th and brings us a happy and healthy Ben. Please give Kaia a big hug for me. She is officially the big sister now. Our love goes to you, Ben, Kaia and Michael. What a beautiful family!!
Carol & Michael