Sunday, September 02, 2007


I am in a very irritable mood right now. Won't talk about it because I suppose it's not nice to talk about being annoyed with Mike publicly. But I am ANNOYED. just so you know.

and my "J" key seems a bit snarky.

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John Adler said...

God dammit I hate those J keys! Bunch of right bleeding bastards! Who the hell would ever use the stupid inconsistent little key anyway. It's just jealous because it doesn't get used as often as most of the other keys. Then when you DO go to use it, it can't function properly like a little dog who gets so excited that you are around that it pees over everything. Stupid little dog. It probably has a name that begins with the letter J, like Jackass or Jerkoff. YEAH!!! Take that letter J and little pee dog!