Friday, September 21, 2007

Quck Update

Mike's interview in Seattle went well. He's not wanting to get too hopeful, but he interviewed with all 5 members of the team, which according to a friend of ours that works there, is a good sign. not sure when hear if he got the job or not....he comes back tomorrow, will ask him then!

Thanks to my mother, my house is looking pretty damn good. We have to set up the play yard for downstairs and the co-sleeper for upstairs, but other than that, we're set.

So-the Plan:

Tomorrow I am going to my pre-op appointment. Kaia will either go next door or stay here wit her granny.
Sunday night, she'll head over to John and Andrea's to spend the night.
Monday morning, I go in EARLY for the c-section. Mike is coming in with me, and Andrea is driving down to join mom in the waiting room. After putting both kids on the bus, John will bring Kaia down to see us!

Many pictures of Boyo and our family to follow!

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