Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In which boyo gets a name...finally!

First things first, went to the doctor today, just a routine visit. Everything looks fine!

Secondly, we have finally decided on a name!!!! Mike and I sat down last night and talked about it, and narrowed it down to three names. One of them was Ben, the name I've been liking the best, but Mike has been hesitant, though he likes it too. He finally told me why he's been hesitant-when we mention it to Kaia, she's never liked it. I've tried several times, some nonchalantly, some excitedly, both Ben and Benjamin, but I always get a "no!" .....

Today, I told her we had three names, and we wanted to know which she liked best...I listed them, and she said, as if she'd NEVER heard of it before, "I like Benjamin! Can I call him Ben?"

sheesh, girl! Not about to give up this opportunity, however, I told Michael her thoughts, and he asked her again if she was sure that was the name she liked best. She nodded vigorously, and grinned at him. So I asked Mike if he had any other doubts about the name, and he said no, he's quite happy with it!

YAY!!!!! so, to introduce the newest member-to-be of our family, in a little less than two weeks,

Benjamin William Lyle

shall make his appearance!

(and what do you want to bet Kaia will claim all credit for naming him!?)


granny said...

WONDERFUL name for a young man with green eyes and dimples!!! He is going to be so handsome--honest, I can see his face--it will be a little wider than Kaia's, and he will have a very infectious smile and laugh!! I can hardly wait to meet this little guy.......

Traveler said...

Hi Ben.