Thursday, September 06, 2007

On a lighter note....

- This morning on the way to the bus stop, Kaia and I were walking behind a mom and her daughter. Kaia mentioned that they were both "very dark". I said yes, they were a nice brown color. Kaia said "Yes, they are a VERY pretty color!" I don't understand people who want their kids to not notice color. I want Kaia to see it, and revel in the fact that humans come in so many wonderful shades.

- We are going to a fair tomorrow! Kaia loves fairs, should be a blast. I will bring my camera, as I will sadly be unable to partake in the rides.

- Kaia has a sibling education class at the hospital on Saturday! Should be a lot of fun for her, she gets to learn all about how to be a big sister.

- On Saturday night, she'll be spending the night at Andrea's, and Mike and I will be having a wonderful time watching some more Buffy!

- Sunday I plan to dedicate to getting my house in better shape. It's seriously stressing me out.

-Wish Michael mucho luck at the career fair he is attending tomorrow!!!!

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