Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tough Love

Tonight is The Night. well, the First Night Of Hopefully Very Few Nights. Right now I am in the middle (the beginning?!) of listening to Ben cry, then calm down, then cry, then calm down....rinse, repeat. We are almost an hour and a half in, and at the moment he is silent. Poor Kaia is in her room with an Mp3 player and big headphones over the little ones, trying to sleep. I feel so bad for her, but this WILL be better. It will give us more time with her (we decided Ben's bedtime will be at 7, leaving us with some time with her before her summer bedtime of 8).

Starting Friday, we will also be doing naps in the crib. I can't before then because he sleeps in the car while I'm taking Kaia to and from school, but Thursday is her last day for the year.

He is still quiet....I am hopeful.....

I didn't want to do this, but I have to do something. I am not getting even close to enough sleep and it's starting to be dangerous. I NEED MORE SLEEP. His doctor confirmed that he doesn't need food at his age, he is simply in the habit of getting up several times to eat. As a commenter on another site said "If someone gave me a brownie every time I woke up at night, I'd be getting up 5-7 times too!" Speaking of brownies, Mike bought some mix earlier since we both thought Chocolate Fortification would be necessary.

Ben is STILL quiet. Mike and I are going to make brownies. Send Ben happy dreams, okay?

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