Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picnic at the park

My mom's group had a huge picnic today at the park! It was awesome weather, not cold at all, but not glaring down sun. We had a wonderful time hanging out with other families, and Kaia had a blast running all over the place. Ben likes being out and about, so was perfectly behaved. He spent some time on the grass, which he loves, and also in a baby swing, which he also enjoyed quite a bit.
I asked someone to take a picture of all of us, something you rarely see, since I am usually the one with the camera! I also gave it to Mike so that I could be in some, and so I could spend some time with Kaia.
I used to love the swings, but now they make me sick after a few minutes on them....
I think Ben would have been happy for a lot longer in his swing. At one point I let it slow down, then stop, and he kicked his feet like "hey!! push me!!"
He also had fun swinging with Mike and I. We decided we really want to go to a park or somewhere outside every weekend this summer, weather allowing.
Next month we are going to be in a parade, so the kids decorated the banner with their handprints.


mom said...

marvelous entry, love that you include so many pictures for all of us. You have a wonderful and very fortunate family, for all your love.

Bird said...

Love the pictures--so nice to see the face behind the blog.

I think Charlie would love to swing, but we haven't really experimented too much with that since it is SO freakin' hot most days.