Monday, June 16, 2008

This past weekend I went up to Canada to surprise Tania at her baby shower. I got a passport several weeks ago, and bought a train ticket for going up, and a bus ticket for coming back. (the train doesn't come down in the morning)

She was really surprised, and it was wonderful to be able to be at her shower. Mike stayed home with both kids! The train ride up was fun, I sat next to a guy who talked a lot, but about really interesting things. Right after getting into Canada, we went past a beach that had about 50 bald eagles! I saw more bald eagles in that 3 minutes than in my entire life. It was awesome.

I won the clothes pin game (will actually be posting a pic about that later) and brought my prize, a little soft bear, home to Kaia. At the station before leaving Canada, I also got her a bookmark, a pair of socks that say "Canada" and a roll the shape and size of a roll of Mentos but is actually 10 pressed-into-tablet towels! She was excited with all of her presents. I bought Ben a hat for next winter that is a raccoon face. It's wool, and will be very toasty! If he keeps in on, of course...that boy HATES hats!

I got TONS of pictures for Tania's scrapbook and I really want to work on it, but it will have to wait until this weekend so I'm not constantly having to get up to get Ben out of things.

I cannot wait to meet Tania's little girl!!!

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mom said...

can you try a play pen? Might he enjoy that if you put it by you with enough fun stuff, or perhaps long line of things to place in there, one after the other, when he gets bored?