Friday, June 20, 2008

after the coffee

Happy post! We have some fun things planned for this weekend. Tomorrow we're going to a picnic with about 100 people in my mother's group. Then Kaia's friend Ben is coming over for dinner and we're watching him for a couple hours. Sunday we have no definite plans, but it'll be nice to just spend some time together.

I want to go over to the east side of the state for several days to visit Andrea and her family, but I think I need to wait until Ben more used to sleeping in his crib, that way transitioning back to it when we return will be easier.

Then next weekend is Kaia's birthday party on Saturday, and the Strawberry Festival on Sunday! Oh! and before that, on Thursday, her actual birthday, my parents and possibly my brother are coming up!

I attempted to make english muffins today, but messed up on converting the flour from grams to cups, so didn't put in enough. They tasted good though, so I will definitely be trying again. Mike said I have a talent for making things that turn out fabulous. gotta love that man.

Talked to Shane today, and we both agreed our families need to get together more. Then of course we went over our calendars ... "can't do that weekend...can that one..oh, you can't?" but we both decided to make something happen at some point!

Also got to talk to Kathy today. Now that she's working again we don't talk on the phone as often, so it was awesome to hear from her. I miss that woman. She said she will most likely now be coming for Thanksgiving, so we're back to having both her family and Tania's!!! My first big Thanksgiving dinner! Well, not counting the one a couple years ago...that was a bit of a fiasco, so I am having a do-over.

When I am not feeling all sorry for myself, I recognize how lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband, marvelous children, and fabulous friends. Just because I haven't yet made some here doesn't mean I won't. I should have learned by now that the most special things come in their own time and are so worth it when they do. Somewhere out there are some fantastic women who I will someday get to know. Maybe I've met them, or some of them, already. All I can do is go out into this world with a smile on my face and an open heart. and I can do that.

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