Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheerily Chomping Cheerios

Last night went pretty well. Ben cried for about 2 hours, which WASN'T easy, but after he went to sleep the first time, whenever he'd wake up he only fussed for a minute or so then went back to sleep. Mike and I went to bed around 11:30 after making brownies together. He slept in the livingroom so he wouldn't wake Ben up with snoring. He will come back to the bedroom and Ben will have to learn to deal with it, but for now we just want Ben to get used to sleeping all night and in his crib.

He woke up this morning at 6:30. I got him out of his crib and fed him-he ate quite a bit! I cuddled him and talked to him about the night. He seemed quite happy. He fell back asleep after eating, so I just laid him down in our bed (still just blankets on the floor) and he slept for another 45 minutes. When he woke up again he was his usual cheerful self!

I hope tonight goes even better! I didn't get much more sleep than usual last night since I woke up every time he did, but I have high hopes for tonight.

On another note, he tried cheerios for the first time this morning, and he very much enjoyed them!


Bird said...

Gosh, he is a cute one! I've never tried cheerios, Charlie still only has two bottom teeth and I don't want to give him really hard stuff until he has something to munch with. He really likes cheetos, though. Actually, he likes almost anything we feed him--he takes after his father.

Carol Chen Lord said...

I am so sorry to know that you don't get enough sleep. I kind of knew it but didn't know it's so bad. You know what? I should have just come to babysit them and let you sleep instead of doing collages :=)). Too bad that I can't take Ben home, otherwise, I'll help you train him to sleep all night. I'm good at that :-)) My experience was to not let the baby sleep after the late afternoon and keep music on (or sound of any sort) and keep more activities (interaction with him, like visitors) in the house. So at night, when everything is quiet down, and he will be VERY TIRED and sleep a little bit longer than usual. And when he wakes up, not to feed him, but calm him back to sleep (don't even turn on the light, just talk softly and calm him). Repeat the same thing for another 3 - 4 days. He will then get used to the idea of "Dark = quiet = sleep." And after the pattern is built, he might wake up in the night due to the "old" habit, but just calm him back to sleep and do not give in.
Although he doesn't speak now, but he can "feel" the idea that everybody is quiet and sleeping. Give it a try?

Bird said...

Hey, Della, I don't expect the world to know about CP. Charlie is actually an excellent eater--he's completely surprised his therapists in that regard. He's got the chewing motion down and all that. I just haven't tried the cheerios because they seem like airway blockers. If they dissolve, though, then I think he could handle them. I'm just a chicken about some things.