Thursday, June 12, 2008


well. last night sucked. Ben fell asleep after only an hour, which seemed like a good thing, but it just left him with energy to wake up later. He sat up, and then calmed down. and the cycle started. He'd fall asleep, fall over, either bonk his head or just startle himself back awake, sit up and repeat above steps. If I tried to lay him down he'd just get mad.

He woke up this morning at 5:30. After I woke up sufficiently to tell time, I got him out of his crib and fed him. He was pretty cheerful, and fell back asleep for another hour. Then he woke up and didn't eat, but got a diaper change and fell back asleep for 45 minutes or so.

I am so tired. Please keep your fingers crossed that tonight will go better. thank you.

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