Monday, June 23, 2008

Student At Large

So since we moved here I've been planning to go back to school in the fall of this year. I hadn't looked at the classes I was planning to take for over a year, so forgot that I had added in a bunch just to take for when I looked at it last week, I realized that if I took out all those, I would be ready to apply for the Ultrasound Tech program at the beginning of 2010, meaning I would start - if accepted - Fall Quarter of 2010!!!

That's only taking 2 classes per quarter, which is awesome, since I need to take night classes until I am in the program. Night classes are either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, meaning if I work it right I can be taking a class all four days. I'm starting with only one class though, since it's Summer quarter, meaning less time to do the same amount of work, and to get back into the School Groove.

Of course, I decided this last Friday, and today was the beginning of the quarter - though the class I signed up for doesn't start until tomorrow night. I signed up for Algebra 097, a class I've taken before, but ten years ago, so I don't remember much. Since Math is my weak point, I don't want to take any chances about keeping my GPA high, so I'd rather start fresh and keep up. I only have to take 3 math classes for the program - 097, 098, and 099. I'll write another post later about the other classes I'll be taking, as well as the volunteering I need, and want, to do.

I'm really excited to start, despite the fact it's math. I am confident I'll do fine in the class since it's all just reminders, and Mike is super supportive and excited about me going to school too.

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