Monday, August 06, 2007


Realized I did NOT talk about going to Dana's, just dreamed I did...or something...

Anyway, went to Dana's, and Kaia played with her kids, and Dana and I sat on the couch and talked about all sorts of things, as is our wont. I wish we could make it out there more often, I always have a great time. Both of us are pretty busy though, they are selling their house, and I'm getting ready for baby and other such stuff....she and Andrea are planning my baby shower, which is in 2 weeks, I'm really excited about that! My mom and Tania will both be there, and Heather, and Andrea's mom and sister. I wish my sister and Kathy could be there, but I totally understand how that can't be.

I joined Second Life so that after Dana moves, and we move, we can still hang out and such! I haven't logged on much yet, but planning on going to her birthday beach party on Friday....need to buy a suit for that! and some new hair... (both virtual of course!)

okay, getting back to work.

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