Wednesday, August 01, 2007

tired, but aware of my blessings

Andrea and John are coming home a day early. While I know that they didn't want to, and the time we've spent at their house has been fine, it will be nice to be home again. Andrea and John, don't be offended, I am happy we were able to help you out this summer so you could take two trips that otherwise would not have worked, but I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!

I am hoping that the lethargy I am feeling is a symptom of not enough sleep for the last few days. I feel like I am in limbo, and want out. I also want someone else to do my dishes, and wash my laundry, and go to work for me. But no one else can. Mike is very busy with his classwork, as well as trying to get work stuff done before the semester starts, then he will be busy with his last (!!!!) semester at school, which once the baby come he will have to juggle with work while not getting the sleep or time he needs.

We have talked about this, and both realize that once the baby comes, it's going to be hard for both of us to get through this year. And I am fully aware it will be easier for me. But I still know I will get annoyed when he comes home from school and I've been with the baby all day, and Kaia just got home from school so is wanting time with each of us, and I'm trying to get dinner ready, and he is trying to get some space to do homework instead of just letting me go to bed! ;-)

I feel very lucky in that my mom and Tania are both going to come up to stay for several days, and Andrea has assured me she will be here to help as well, something I am sure I will be taking her up on!

So many people out there have to do this on their own, without family or friends willing and happy to help, and without a husband working his ass off so he can support his family. I have all three, as well as a six year old who is practically drooling in anticipation of her baby brother's arrival.

My weekends for the next 3-4 weeks are filled with fun stuff--seeing friends who are moving soon, scrap booking with Katia, the parade, my baby shower, going to the Lake....and Flylady is helping me be able to do those things and STILL have a clean house. I have 9 weeks until the baby is here, and am almost all prepared.

Despite money problems, and occasional times of stress and irritation, I feel ready for the rest of this year. Still looking forward to next year, but I again feel able to enjoy my time left in this chapter of my life. As long as I can get some sleep! ;-)

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