Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kid news

Kaia started first grade today! She has been really excited all summer, and we went to her open house last night where she met her teacher. She found out that several of her friends are in her class, and two of them sit at her table. She excitedly picked out her first day of school clothes last night and I packed her lunch.
Then when I walked her to her class line and turned to leave, she changed her mind. She really didn't want me to leave. I know that as soon as she got into her class, she was fine, but she was so despondent standing there. I can't wait to hear about her day! I'm sure she'll be excited afterwards.

One thing I realized is that by sending her back to after school care and working for those two hours, I don't think I'm actually coming out ahead much. So am going to talk to Mike, and Kaia, and John, and see what everyone else thinks.

Took a picture of her this morning, will post it tonight! Will re-post the one of her first day of kindergarten, there's a big difference!

Also had an ultrasound yesterday. Will post pics of that too. Baby boy is super healthy, and weighs 6 lbs, 1 oz! It's hard to believe he's already bigger than Kaia was when she was born. He wasn't moving as much as usual, but still quite a bit. It's hard at this point to get good pictures since they are all squished up, so don't expect much... :-)

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case in point said...

you will still be putting in notice for two weeks from now? SO THRILLED about that baby boy being such a hunker, comparitively speaking. You are already doing a good job at mothering him, partly by taking such good care of you! (something we moms often do not gt around to!)