Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friends are one of the greatest things in life

Okay! Finally! Time for my blog about last weekend!

So Tania came up Friday night, and both Friday and Saturday night we stayed up WAY late talking. It was really nice to just be able to gab. Usually even if it's just me and her, I still have Kaia to watch over. But this time I think we talked more in 2 nights than we have in the whole time we've known each other! (exaggeration, yes, but you get the idea)

My mom also came up on Friday, so we had a full house. I don't mind that many people in my house, in fact I like it, but I always worry my company is feeling cramped. Sleeping arrangements worked out fine, though I wish I could think of a way to make it more comfy for Tania when she come up in October to help with baby.

Kaia was going to be in the parade on Saturday, but she decided she'd rather spend that time with us, so we just hung out at home. Andrea wasn't going to be able to go to the baby shower, because her dog Maya had to be watched (poor girl, has an abscess under her eye!!) but she was able to come after all. She dropped her kids off to play with Kaia during the shower, and we headed to the hotel at 2.

It was AWESOME. 6 other women besides me, and everyone seemed to get along really well. We played Baby Bingo, which was fun, but the game that was the best part was Baby Pictionary. My team- me, Andrea, and Tania, won, but everyone had fun drawing and guessing. The food was excellent, and there was a decadent chocolate cake. I loved all of the gifts. I brought the scrapbook Tania is making for me, and everyone was impressed--she's doing an awesome job, and it's going to be something I treasure forever.

We actually had to leave before everyone was ready, which is much nicer than everyone trickling out because they are bored!

Oh! One of the high points was Andrea's mom's story of the "shaved beaver" which actually refers to a coat, but had EVERYONE in tears we were laughing so hard.

I can't wait to see the pictures from the shower, and a BIG THANKS to Dana and Andrea for putting it together, you girls ROCK.

On Saturday night, we went to a new Thai place in town. The service could use some improvement, but the food was delicious (if a bit spicy!) and we had enough for lunch the next day.

Sunday morning my mom left, and Tania and I hung around the house until it was time to take her to the airport. I worried sometimes that she was bored, but she assured me that it was nice to just hang out and talk....I agree, but it was nice she thought so too!

It was one of the best weekends I've had this summer. With the baby shower gifts I am 99% set for the baby, and have to keep myself from setting up the larger things that would only get in the way!

Thanks to all the women who came to my shower, for making such a wonderful memory for me.

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