Sunday, August 26, 2007

dragons, drowning, and being the wife.

Here is a slice of time in my house right now.....

Katia is reading Get fuzzy on the couch. Kaia and Liam are playing house after building a fort. Liam just brought home a “shotted dragon” for Kaia to heal. she had no patience for the pretendedness of the dragon and kaboshed that idea. Liam then proclaimed their dog was barking. Kaia said to make the dog be quiet or he’d wake up the sleeping baby.

just realized my coffee is across the room. drat. will have to wait until mike walks through so he can get it for me.

“Liam, pretend this was my bedroom, cause pretend that I was sick in this game, all right?”
“yeah, okay, I’ll go get you a pillow”
“ah choo ah choo”
“Kaia, I brought a pillow, but it’s the dog’s pillow!”
“okay. ah choo. ah choo. Mom! pretend I was bless-you-ing, okay? ah choo……….okay, pretend now I was all better.”

I wish I could take a video of this. they are both taking care of a “sick dog”. it’s very sweet. Liam’s remedy is repeated ear pulling. (of the dog’s ears, not his). Kaia’s is to lay down all together. positions under the fort are being negotiated. sick dog has been forgotten.

postions have been decided. Laia is under the fort, Liam and the dog outside it. uh oh…sickness has spread to horsie. remedy includes going for a ride and being dragged up the stairs. Liam is still sticking to the ear pulling cure.

a party is being planned. horse and dog are apparently well.
Liam: “I’m pretending my pants…..” then he gets distracted.

“Kaia….I was drowning….no! don’t pull! I can get myself!”
Liam claims he’s the wife. Kaia finds this hysterical.

“Kaia! Kaia! the baby dog is drowning! I’ll get him!”
“Liam! you get the baby dog! I’ll get the horse and the baby and the dragons!”

“Kaia, pretend my flip flops are my paddling things.”

“Kaia, the big dog died. the dragons died too.”
“no, they didn’t, Liam, they didn’t die, they are just sick.”

“honey! hurry up! Liam!! hurry!”
“Kaia! I’m in a boat!”
“oh! pretend our house was a boat, okay, I’ll go upstairs and get our car. pretend this was our grandma’s house and you were there, okay?”

Liam: “and I was drowning, and my swimmer flip flops were gone….”
“okay, and so was I, and we were drowning together.”
“and the dog was drowning…hey! you poked my eye!”
“that’s okay.”
“I’m going upstairs to get-“
“and now I’m drowning again…”
“Liam! stop drowning all the time!”

“here comes horsie! honey? Liam?”
“I’m sick!!”
“well, come get horsie! and the bear!”

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mom said...

Lots of fun--smart of you to record it all here for later years. Don't forget your hard-copies. It would be a shame to lose it!