Saturday, August 04, 2007

oh! By the way! Happy Day!

For those of you whose birthdays or other special days Mike and I might have forgotten....hope this makes you feel better. We forget our own anniversary too!

I've been trying to put birthdays and anniversaries and such on my Google calendar to help me remember them, since y'all ARE important to me!

I also put is OUR anniversary, which falls on August 4th. Now, a few days ago, I was looking at the calendar, and remembered that Saturday, today, is our 6th anniversary. Now, Mike and I aren't really big on celebrating it anyway. Our tradition, started on Year One, comes from not having a lot of money on our first one, so rummaging through the freezer to see what we had and coming up with tater tots. We had $20, so we went to the store and got a $10 steak to share, and a $10 movie. (the first year it was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. That's the only one I remember) We also had a bottle of wine bought on our honeymoon. We don't buy each other anything, stemming from the fact that we haven't usually had money to do so. But neither of us have ever minded.

So every year now, we have steak and tater tots for dinner. We go and buy a DVD, and a cheap bottle of wine. Then we watch our movie, eat our dinner, get drunk, and ....have a bit o' fun in the living room.

Oh! so back to the forgetting bit. This year, after that brief moment of memory, I forgot all about it again. Then this morning, I got an email from my Google calendar reminding me. "Happy Anniversary!" I said, laughing. "Oh!" Mike said, and opened HIS calendar. "Is it really?! Happy Anniversary!"

We both already have plans for today. But tonight, we can cook a steak that we luckily already have, I can run to the store for some tater tots, and we can watch a movie. We aren't buying one this year, don't really have the funds or desire to.

We don't make a big deal of our anniversaries. But knowing it's been 6 years is pretty cool. Yep. Pretty damn cool.

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Andrea said...

A very merry unbirthday, to you, to- er, um, I mean, Happy Anniversary!

I better get off my hiney and get ready to go to your house. See you soon!