Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well, the circus has begun! Katia and Liam are over, and when the three get together, you never know what will happen. Sometimes they all get along wonderfully....sometimes? Not. Tonight they are going back and forth.

First, they tried to play a game with the following results:

Kaia, 6, mostly knows the rules of the game (Clue Jr.) so gets annoyed when Liam (5), who doesn't know the rules of the game and has no interest in finding out, plays "wrong". Katia, 10, realizes there's no point in learning the rules of the game, especially if it's Kaia she's asking, so just kinda wings it. This culminates in Liam and Kaia yelling at each other between dice rolls, and Katia quietly rolling the dice and aimlessly moving around the board.

Dinner went over well, except I'm an idiot and forgot Katia can't eat dairy, so had to replace her portion of mac and cheese with a sandwich. Otherwise, most of dinner was consumed with little complaint, other than Liam occasionally claiming to be allergic to this or that, which isn't true.

With promises of cookies forthcoming, (Katia's choice for type-oatmeal chocolate chip) the kids are now outside playing with chalk, bubbles, and the next door toddler. Loud yelling is occurring, but mostly happy yelling, except for one screaming match between Liam and Kaia that ended quickly.

Bedtime is better being unplanned for now, and soon I will call them all in for cookies and a bit of relaxation (who am I kidding?!!)

(would have taken pictures, but my camera's battery is dead, and the charger is out of reach, due to the mess in my dining room. sorry)

Ooops...they just came in on their own....chaos! noise! good times ahead!

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