Wednesday, August 01, 2007

President Kaia will now approach the podium.

Kaia and I were discussing what to get her friend for her birthday. I asked her what she was thinking would be a good gift, with the usual answers being "I don't know", "I'll look when we get there", or a specific thing, often more compatible with her desires than with the gift-getter's. This time however, after thinking for a moment or two, this was her matter of fact answer (said in the tone of a CEO discussing an important business proposal):

"We have three options."

"Three, huh?" (me)

"Yes. One, something Dora. She really likes Dora. Two, something princess. Three, something....bear....those bears...on her wall..what are they called again?"

"Care Bears?"

"Yes! Those are our three options. Dora, princess, or Care Bears. I will decide which one when we go to the store and see what toys they have in the toy section."

Yes Ma'am.

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mom said...

Very cool entry--also wanted to tell you--I can no longer see the photos in the next one, though I could yesterday. Now there is a little red 'x' the top corner of the box. Perhps it is my computer, but wanted to tell you in case you added something to yours...