Wednesday, August 22, 2007

this is only one of the f'd up financial things that happened today

So I tried to apply for energy assistance for the 3 months I will not be working.

Was told they go by the last three months of income to qualify you. The last three months were the only three months Mike works full time during the year, so definitely don't qualify, and just barely don't anyway with our normal income.

Asked if it could be taken into consideration that our income will drastically decrease during the time we are actually applying. Last three months we could AFFORD the electric bill, which is why are are applying NOW, not THEN. Was told no.

Asked what other options there are. Was told that I could apply in December, since then the last three months (September, October and November) would qualify me. Told them that I wouldn't need it THEN, which is why I'm applying NOW. Was told sorry.

Asked if there are ANY other options. Was told that I can submit an energy bill showing that I have been LATE on my payments, then will qualify for something, though a lesser amount. Told them again that I could afford it BEFORE NOW, so am not late. Told sorry then, don't qualify.

Said "so if I purposely DON'T PAY MY BILL, so I am late NEXT MONTH, I will qualify? But if I want to stay up to date this month, because I can afford it, and act like a responsible adult who simply needs help for 3 months, I won't?" was told that was correct.

fucked up system if you ask me.

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Traveler said...

I feel so frustrated just by reading this, and you actually were in the middle of it. Dear, how helpless this is. The thing is, this system is created by people like us - really - but it then frustrates everybody - I bet even the person that you were talking to - if his/her IQ is around average - like me. LOL