Friday, March 30, 2007


root beer floats are quite possibly the nectar of the gods. Just my opinion.....

so this weekend will hopefully be quite productive! Kaia's first soccer game in the morning (need to remember to wash her shin guards and shorts), then cleaning! cleaning as I have not been able to do in weeks! then we will meet Dana and her two older ones for some fun times--the kids will do an art project and a pottery place while the moms watch Mark Walberg in a tank top carry around big guns. excellent!

Sunday I will also be cleaning, and starting to plan for our trip on the 7th. I also need to plant my snow peas....

It's SO nice out right now, sunny and warm! I wrote that the sun went behind a cloud...but hopefully it will be here to stay for the weekend.

I'm beginning to feel better, though still have to watch what I eat, and can't do dishes without gagging. But really, is that a shame? I'm enjoying that bit, actually. don't tell Mike! ;-)

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Traveler said...

REST, hey, don't work too hard. Don't have to clean up too much, you know, things may be just as happy as where they are right now :-))
Take good care of yourself and the little one. Take it easy.
Can't wait to see you at Kate's wedding.