Wednesday, March 28, 2007

unbeknownst to her, soccer is NOT her thing....

Kaia had soccer again today. Her first game is Saturday. and here is my dilemma--
She doesn't play. She claims to have a good time, and looks to be having a good time. But she makes no effort to get the ball, keep the ball, or catch a pass. Now, first, I was of the opinion that if she's having fun, it's all good. But in the games, they play 3 on 3. Which means one person is the goalie, and the other two try to make a goal. If she's not playing, how fair is that to her teammate? Not fair at all.
Today, instead of playing, she spent half the time falling over and yelling "I'm dead!" and half the time running back and forth, nowhere near the ball. Once she even ran off the field, and meandered toward the school, until her coach called her back.
I talked to her about participating before class, and she promised that she would. She says she still loves soccer, and doesn't want to stop.
After class, I told her if I don't see her TRYING at the game, we are going to talk about pulling her out. I don't require her to get goals, or be the star player. But I do think she should contribute to her team's effort.
I think her talents lie elsewhere.

(by the way, we didn't go see Cinderella. I felt like crap, and actually ended up throwing up, for the second time this pregnancy)

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mom said...

I think you might talk to her coach and ask her/him to talk to all the kids about how to interact more, how to 'go after' the ball. Show them by role-playing, how to do it! I think Kaia just has never had an inkling of how to assert herself forcefully over her peers, as she has never really had to, unless angry. It is a totally new concept to assert when we are playing and happy, and does not come naturally. The intent has to be taught. I remember playing this game, and I would also just stand there....but it never even occurred to me to ASSERT myself, and the coach never suggested it! Now I think it was the coach's fault, not mine. I was not taught to go after it, just what to do if it came to me.....only 1/4 the game! Talk to her coach. Ask her to get Kaia role-playing during practices alot.