Monday, March 05, 2007

Advice to doctors who want to remove warts from the foot of a five year old

Don't tell the child, from the get go, "it's going to hurt! I'll be right back with the liquid nitrogen!"

Don't say, after trying to freeze it off, and the child is still crying, "it can't STILL hurt!"

Don't offer the child a choice, "do you want to get rid of it, or keep it?"
it doesn't hurt, why does she care if she keeps it, when the alternative is pain?

Don't tell the child "anything we do to try to get rid of it will hurt"

Don't KEEP SAYING "it can't possibly still be hurting!" while the child is saying "'s stinging really bad" and crying.

lollipops might work really well as bribes. better than saying "you have to get rid of it somehow, might as well be this way, since all the remedies hurt" MUCH BETTER, I would think, though since you didn't try it, I don't know for SURE.

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Traveler said...

Oh, the morning sickness. It seems so many centuries ago for me. You poor little thing. I can't imagine you getting any thinner. Hope this will pass very very soon.
Much love to you,