Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little Ballerina

Kaia's recital was actually a few weeks ago, but have just remembered to post some pictures of it...she had a lot of fun. She didn't have the same costume as the other girls in her group, since she joined after ordering time, but she handled that amazingly well, even though the costumes were something she would have loved to have, she didn't utter even one complaint.
Before the recital, I caught her her doin' some moves, purely "Kaia-style".

The group danced to "Tarzan" and looked adorable as usual. Mike wasn't happy at the beginning when he saw Kaia's group was number 27 out of 35, but after the first group of little girls trotted on stage, he started laughing, and began to enjoy the show.

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mom said...

wonderful shots, thanks for gettin' 'em out! I especially love the middle one, such a graceful and simple posture......