Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Perfect Saturday

Hello All!

Yesterday was wonderful! I felt great all day. Well, in the later evening I was tired, but the rest of the day was awesome.

In the morning Kaia and I met with Dana at Denny's for breakfast. Kaia wasn't the most well behaved, but it was a good time anyway. I really miss bacon! Since being pregnant it just doesn't taste good at all.

Then we came home and cleaned. I told Kaia that if she got her room clean, then after all the kids came over and trashed it, I'd help her clean it up. (not to say she wouldn't have her role in the trashing!!) Dana planned on coming back around 3:30 with Kayla and Adam, and Andrea said she was thinking of coming by with Liam and Katia.

Surprisingly, Kaia cleaned her entire room without being bugged about it once. I got a lot done too, even got the sheets on both beds changed and cleaned. Still full of energy, I got my tomato plants transplanted into their 2nd (of 3) homes, and then got all the stuff ready for starting some more seeds. While doing all that, Andrea and her kids showed up, then not long after Dana and her two.

The kids actually spent most of that time outside, which kept the house pretty clean. Later, after Andrea left, Dana and I came inside, but the mess still was kept to a minimum. I'm so glad Andrea and Dana met. It was so nice to have women friends hanging about, and all our kids running around...I felt so adult! ;-) and very content......

I started the seeds that are supposed to be started about 4 weeks before last estimated frost, which is sometime in April in this zone. Included were more tomatoes, a couple different basils, eggplant, lemon balm, and a few others. I'm so excited that garden season is starting! My first two tomatoes are in pots by my bedroom window, keep your fingers crossed they thrive! In a couple weeks, I'll be starting another batch of seeds.

Andrea's working hard on her garden too....much harder than I am! She and John have plotted out a large flat area on their property, the perfect spot I think--plenty of light. The grass there had been claiming that spot for a long, long time, so they had to rent a sod cutter, which broke twice. They've been busting ass getting the sod out, and the garden is going to be wonderful. I'm jealous they have so much space, but not jealous of the work they're doing! I can't wait to see it in summer, with all the vegetables and fruit bursting out of the ground.

Today I am not feeling so great. Very tired, and slightly nauseous, though not as much as before. I need to go grocery shopping, but really not enthused about being around all that food.....we really need it though. (cleaned out the fridge yesterday too! wow...that needed to be done!)

Kaia starts soccer tomorrow, and a new swimming session on Tuesday. I hope she likes soccer as much as she thinks she will. A year ago, she tried basketball, and she hated it. She's been begging me about soccer for years and I hope her dreams are fulfilled. In swimming, Katia will be in her class, and she can't wait to start. I hope they listen to the teacher occasionally....

I finally got our taxes done. The money we get back will be saved for when I'm not working. Mike and I discussed it, and we should have enough for the 3 months I'm at home before we move. Now the only worry is if he doesn't get a job.....but I'm not really that worried about that bit....he's an awesome developer.

I have given up on giving up coffee. I feel better when I drink it, and one cup of coffee a day is harmless, in my opinion. I'm working on eating well other than that, and I feel I'm succeeding for the most part. Last night for dinner we had salmon, acorn squash, broccoli and cauliflower. Quite tasty, and very healthy. Kai wasn't pleased about the squash, but I actually liked it. good thing....I have some acorn seeds that I'm excited about starting this fall.

ooo! Andrea just signed in....gonna say hi...

that's enough for now....have a wonderful week!

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mom said...

Waht a delightful blog! So newsy, and I love all the activities you are doing! The gardening, swimming for Kaia, time to be "grownup" with two of your best friends (I remember that, watching all you kids play, giggle and squabble while Barb and I chatted--it was GRAND, one of life's finer times) I love you so much, and I am so very proud of you!!!!!!!