Monday, March 12, 2007

laziness, oatmeal, horses, and good times.

Had a wonderful weekend! Mike brought me oatmeal in bed both mornings (and today!) which really helped with the nausea for the first part of the day. On both days the afternoons were a bit worse, but not horrible.

Saturday I didn't get my to-do list done. Got some laundry washed, but none put away.

On Sunday, we went out to Andrea and John's. Andrea and I drove to Lewiston to get feed and baby turkeys, then Mike went riding! He had a really good time, it was the first time he's ridden since he was a kid.

We had yummy grilled salmon and corn on the cob for dinner. They have this tasty dressing called Goddess dressing that I need to get some of!

I love hanging out at Andrea's. I love the ease with with we all move about the property, just being friends, not doing anything in particular they wouldn't be doing anyway. I love seeing my daughter running around, getting absolutely filthy, and having a blast, outside for hours. I love how Andrea and Mike can go have fun together, and John and I get along so well too. I love having old friends. Friends I'll have for life.


Andrea said...

Smiley happy people running round.

Glad you had a good time. I did too. I also enjoy hanging out here. Glad you don't mind hanging out and helping with the everyday work. Neverending...

Andrea said...

Hanging out here with you guys that is... hee hee.