Tuesday, April 03, 2007

adorable little button nose....don't you agree?

here's a picture of the ultrasound I had yesterday. Baby was alive and flippin' all around! I don't get official results until today, but everything looked good to me. 'course that doesn't mean much......

So if you aren't proficient at deciphering these things, the round bit on the right is the head, in profile. The legs are on the left, folded up. The measurements this time puts me about a week further along than previously thought, though they will be able to get a more accurate reading around 20 weeks. So right now I am either 12.5 weeks along, or 13.5.

Starting to feel a slight bit better, though I've thrown up a few times in the last couple of days. Still REALLY tired....but getting a lot of sleep. Mike has been AWESOME in keeping the house clean and Kaia entertained and happy.

Going to Vancouver this Saturday, and my sister's wedding is in a little over a week! Too, too cool.

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mom said...

A beauty queen for sure!! I think the button nose is the lips, the nose being more ghosty above them. But I have tropuble making out the legs--surely those big round thoighs are not baby's!

So EXCITING.............and good for you!