Thursday, April 05, 2007

sex and cocoa flavored peeps*

*sex related material ahead. fathers and others who don't want to think about me naked may want to just skip down to the part with the cocoa flavored peeps.

so every since I found out I was pregnant, I have been on "cervical rest". This means, as I'm sure you can deduce, NO SEX. of any kind. even orgasms are out, since they cause uterine contractions. At first, this was a minor annoyance. I mean, I like sex, really a lot. But with being nauseous and throwing up and all, it wasn't high on my list of things I yearned for.
Lately, though I've still been feeling not totally well in the tummy, things are changing.
THREE MONTHS PEOPLE. I am MARRIED. I am supposed to be able to get sex whenever I WANT IT. AND I WANT IT. and I can't have it.....and there's no telling when I'll be able to have it again. I am not happy about this. and neither, LET ME TELL YOU, is my husband. Though he has been an ANGEL about it, not being at all grumpy about it, though in discussions he has made it clear he misses it too. at least HE gets to ...umm...take care of his other ways. ok. end of bitching about no sex.

for now.

cocoa flavored peeps are YUMMY. I confess, I like peeps. I usually eat too many, and get sick. I also like that they have them at all holidays! I don't care for the strawberry or orange flavored ones, so have stuck with the original, until this morning! I found COCOA ones! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

AND, they have made Cadbury ORANGE cream eggs, which are also quite tasty.

I really need to watch my sugar intake better....


Katy said...

I suppose that the fact that it's forbidden makes it all the harder to resist. My doctor has not banned sex, but it sure is hard to think about when you're built like a beer-guzzling man.

I've never been one for peeps, but indulge those cravings--that's what pregnancy is for (despite what all the damn books say).


Traveler said...

You young people!!! (sign :-))